Dear Grandma,

life is one big fun, so fun and it would be a pity to keep it for myself. Dear grandmother, sorry, but this is a writing dedicated not only to you, but to all the grandmothers of the world and to all the people who are interested in traveling with children.

My mom — a bohemian with heart and soul who got together in Colombia with my dad — peruvian and descendant of the Incas. You can believe it or not, the truth is, it’s a little crazy. These madmen who love me so much that they have already shown me countries like Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia. And I am not even three years old.

How you say my mother: You’re Not Normal!

I don’t know what we are, but we definitely enjoy the abnormality so much!



Hugs and kisses

your Jasmine

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